Handmade TWOgether Bikes

TWOgether Bikes-patented multifunctional bicycles. I am looking for a manufacturer (inclusive marketing)!

Brand new Models (still in the test Phase)

Recumbent TWOgether Co.

Tandem TWOgether Co.

Recumbent TWOgether Co.  The first test drive

Tandem test drive coming soon...

Bicycle Kits from TWOgether co.

Recumbent TWOgether Co. - Kit

Tandem TWOgether Co. - Kit

Predecessor models

AWARDS for TWOgether Bikes at the Taiwan Innotech Expo in Taipei from 27.-29.Sept. 2018 (Platinum AWARD and Prominent Invention Award)

TWOgether Bikes at iENA 2017 of the most important International Trade Fair for "Ideas, Inventions, New Products

iENA 2017 - TWOgether Bikes will have a small stand of the Community stand Artur Fischer Erfinder Preis of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Infothek.

On 02.11. and 03.11. will be only specialist visits days, 04.11 and 05.11. will be public days from 9:30 am.

The new bike "TWOgether- All in One"       -Cargo Bike, Tandem and Recumbent-         The conversion from the tandem to a single recumbent and a cargo bike are possible.  Multifunctionality and capabilities that could be still expanding ...

Cargo Bike

           Long Tail Cargo Bike "TWOgether"
Long Tail Cargo Bike "TWOgether"


The box with 129 liter capacity is new. It is fixed in friction and form in place of the stoker seat to 3 Points.



Recumbent "TWOgether"
Recumbent "TWOgether"


Even the single recumbent is equipped with the features of the tandems. The rear suspension is improved. The entrainment of more panniers is possible here as well as with the other bicycle types.



Recumbent Tandem "TWOgether"
Recumbent Tandem "TWOgether"


The tandem now has a porter is fixedly connected to the frame. The battery holder is firmly bolted to the frame. This battery holder is provided for attaching a second battery (as a reserve).

The bicycle has with the spare battery amazing 800Wh capacity.

The Components for all- Recumbent, Tandem part and Cargo box

"TWOgether" Bicyle- Components
"TWOgether" Bicyle- Components