Recumbent Tandem Pedelec TWOgether Co.

Application: Travelling; Short trips

Specifications (coming soon...)

  • Overall length:                                                              cm
  • Overall height:                                                               cm
  • Seat height (front):                                                       cm
  • Seat height (rear):                                                          cm
  • Wheelbase:                                                                        cm
  • Bottom bracket height (Driver)                              cm
  • Bottom bracket height (Stoker)                              cm
  • Recumbent                                                                        kg
  • Tandem part                                                                     kg
  • Bike total weight :                                                        kg


Components (coming soon...)

  • Hub motor for front wheel: Heinzmann Direct Power PRA 180-25
  • Hub gear: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 Nabe CC 36h (red eloxed)
  • Brake (front): Shimano XT Ø180mm
  • Wheel (front): 20"
  • Tire (front): Schwalbe Energizer Plus
  • Suspension fork: Spinner Grind 2
  • Handlebar: ICE Sprint
  • Headset: Hase Pino
  • Stem: CONTEC "Comfort One",1 1/8", adjustable, 31,8 mm
  • Brake (rear): Shimano XT Ø200mm
  • Wheel (rear): 26" 
  • Tire (rear): Schwalbe Marathon Plus
  • Damp (rear): 2x Suntour RS9 Epicon
    LOD 190x50mm

Additional features

Clamping levers with eccentrical cam and coupling to tandem

High sitting position (good "seeing" and "being seen").
• Connecting frame part at the driver is well suited for receiving bike bottles; accessories and interactive devices, such as mobile phones or navigation devices.
• Many pannier rags fixtures
• Recuperation of the drive to regenerate the energy in the battery and as a brake support or relief of the disc brakes
• Exceptionally high ground clearance when driving over obstacles and  corrugations. Even when mounting and deporting stairs (grooves) the tandem does not sit up. There is hardly a tandem with such ground clearance.
• Conversion to single recumbent and cargo bikes possible.
• No tools needed for converted. Also for the leg length adjustment of the bottom bracket. They are loosened, moved and fixed again using a quick release (see pictures)